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Acne and Your Diet

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While no specific foods have been proven to trigger acne, several observational studies suggest that a high-fiber diet—one with plenty of fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains, and a minimum of meats, sugar, and processed foods—helps prevent and treat acne.

Acne seems to have declined in Europe during World War II when meat and sugar were scarce, and then returned after the war. After World War II, when the Inuit (Eskimos) of Alaska began to eat a more Western diet, they developed more acne. And compared with African-Americans, black Kenyans and Zambians, who eat a higher-fiber diet, seem to suffer less acne.

These studies cannot be considered definitive. But a high-fiber diet helps prevent an enormous number of conditions—from constipation to heart disease. If it helps control acne, so much the better.

Iodine is also known to have an effect on acne. Large doses of iodine can aggravate acne, according to naturopath Joseph Pizzorno, N.D., president of Bastyr University, the naturopathic medical school near Seattle.

We Americans get most of our iodine from iodized salt. Cutting back on salt may help, especially the salty, junk-food chips and snacks that are often a staple among teenaged acne sufferers. Other foods high in iodone include: kelp, beef liver, turkey, asparagus, broccoli, and white onions.

Contrary to popular belief, chocolate does not cause acne. Still, this myth persists almost 50 years after it was debunked.


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  1. rajpathak says:

    My age is 20. For the last 3 years i am suffering from acne. I have gone through many medicines like ‘antibiotic tablets,ultra clearasil cream and other acne preventing creams but there is no change. My skin is very oily please suggest me some medicine and which soap i can use?